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2024-04-26 :: Change of icons and logo for gedit

There will be a change of icons and logo for gedit 47.

Some dates:

The current icon, restored from a previous design:

Current gedit icon

The old icon (2018-2024):

Old gedit icon

The git commit message has all the details for the reasons of the change. Namely, the old icon had several disadvantages:

The current design has actually several icons that are tailored for different sizes. All the icons have been restored.

The logo has also been restored and is present in the About dialog window:

gedit About window

To avoid any confusion, only the icons and logo that represent the application (gedit) are affected. All the other icons used within gedit remain the same (for example to represent a directory or a printer) and rely on the icon theme used (it's a desktop-wide setting).

I hope that you will appreciate the change of design :)