I. API reference
Main Classes
Latexila Initialization and Finalization
LatexilaFactoryTeplAbstractFactory subclass
LatexilaSettings — Singleton class containing GSettings objects
LatexilaApp — Subclass of GtkApplication
LatexilaBuffer — Additional TeplBuffer functions
LatexilaView — Additional TeplView functions
Build Tools
LatexilaBuildJob — Build job
LatexilaBuildTool — Build tool
LatexilaBuildTools — Build tools base class
LatexilaBuildToolsDefault — Default build tools
LatexilaBuildToolsPersonal — Personal build tools
LatexilaBuildView — Build view
LatexilaPostProcessor — post-processor base class
LatexilaPostProcessorAllOutput — all-output post-processor
LatexilaPostProcessorLatex — LaTeX post-processor
LatexilaPostProcessorLatexmk — latexmk post-processor
LatexilaTemplatesManageDialog — Dialog to manage personal templates
LatexilaTemplatesDefault — Default templates
LatexilaTemplatesPersonal — Personal templates
LatexilaDirs — Application directories
LaTeX commands — LaTeX menu, Math menu and Edit toolbar
LatexilaPrefs — Widgets for the preferences dialog
LatexilaSynctex — SyncTeX support between GNOME LaTeX and Evince
LatexilaUtils — Utility functions
II. Annexes
Object Hierarchy
Index of all symbols
Annotation Glossary