for gspell 1.12.2

I. Introduction
II. API reference
Core Classes
GspellChecker — Spell checker
GspellLanguage — Language
Language Choosers
GspellLanguageChooser — Interface to choose a GspellLanguage
GspellLanguageChooserButton — Button to choose a GspellLanguage
GspellLanguageChooserDialog — Dialog to choose a GspellLanguage
Spell Checker Dialog
GspellCheckerDialog — Spell checker dialog
GspellNavigator — Interface to navigate through misspelled words
GtkTextView Support
GspellTextBuffer — Spell checking support for GtkTextBuffer
GspellTextView — Spell checking support for GtkTextView
GspellNavigatorTextView — A GspellNavigator implementation for GtkTextView
GtkEntry Support
GspellEntryBuffer — Spell checking support for GtkEntryBuffer
GspellEntry — Spell checking support for GtkEntry
III. Annexes
Object Hierarchy
Annotation Glossary
Index of all symbols
Index of new symbols in 1.2
Index of new symbols in 1.4
Index of new symbols in 1.6