for Tepl 6.8.0

I. Introduction
II. API Reference - Text Editor Support
Tepl Initialization and Finalization
TeplAbstractFactory — Abstract factory singleton class
TeplApplication — An extension of GtkApplication
TeplApplicationWindow — An extension of GtkApplicationWindow
TeplTabGroup — Interface for a group of TeplTab's
TeplNotebook — Subclass of GtkNotebook implementing the TeplTabGroup interface
TeplTab — Contains a TeplView and GtkInfoBars
TeplTabLabel — A TeplTab label, to use with GtkNotebook
TeplView — Subclass of GtkSourceView
TeplBuffer — Subclass of GtkSourceBuffer
TeplMenuShellGtkMenuShell functions
File Loading and Saving
TeplEncoding — Character encoding interface
TeplEncodingIconv — Character encoding for iconv
TeplFile — On-disk representation of a TeplBuffer
TeplFileLoader — Load a file into a TeplBuffer
TeplFileSaver — Save a TeplBuffer into a file
IO error info bars — Verbose error reporting for file I/O operations
Code Folding
TeplFoldRegion — Foldable region in a GtkTextBuffer
TeplGutterRendererFolds — Basic gutter renderer for code folding
Language Choosers
TeplLanguageChooser — Interface implemented by widgets for choosing a GtkSourceLanguage
TeplLanguageChooserDialog — A dialog for choosing a GtkSourceLanguage
TeplLanguageChooserWidget — A widget for choosing a GtkSourceLanguage
TeplGotoLineBar — Horizontal bar for the 'Go to line' feature
TeplIter — GtkTextIter utility functions
TeplLineColumnIndicator — Indicates the cursor position
TeplOverwriteIndicator — Indicates Insert or Overwrite mode for text edition
TeplPrefs — Preferences widgets to configure a text editor
TeplPrefsDialog — Preferences dialog
TeplSettings — Singleton class containing GSettings objects
TeplSpaceDrawerPrefs — Preferences widget for GtkSourceSpaceDrawer
TeplStyleSchemeChooserWidget — A simple GtkSourceStyleSchemeChooser
III. API Reference - General Utilities
GObject Extras
TeplSignalGroup — A group of signal handlers
GIO Extras - File Metadata
TeplMetadata — File metadata
TeplMetadataManager — To store file metadata on disk
GTK Extras - Info Bars
TeplInfoBar — Subclass of GtkInfoBar
TeplProgressInfoBar — A TeplInfoBar containing a GtkProgressBar
GTK Extras - Other
TeplFileChooser — Extra functions for GtkFileChooser
TeplPanel — Side or bottom panel interface
TeplPanelItem — Access to the information of a panel item
TeplPanelContainer — Side or bottom panel container
TeplPanelSwitcherMenu — A controller for TeplPanelContainer
TeplPanel1 — Side or bottom panel container
TeplStatusMenuButton — A GtkMenuButton suitable for GtkStatusbar
Other Extras
TeplPango — Pango utility functions
TeplUtils — Utility functions
IV. API Breaks
Gtef 1 -> Gtef 2
Gtef 2 -> Tepl 3
Gtef 2 -> Amtk 3
Tepl 3 -> Tepl 4
Tepl 4 -> Tepl 5
Tepl 5 -> Tepl 6
API breaks during Tepl 6
V. Annexes
Object Hierarchy
Annotation Glossary
Index of all symbols
Index of deprecated symbols
Index of new symbols in 1.0
Index of new symbols in 2.0
Index of new symbols in 3.0
Index of new symbols in 4.0
Index of new symbols in 4.4
Index of new symbols in 5.0
Index of new symbols in 6.0
Index of new symbols in 6.2
Index of new symbols in 6.4
Index of new symbols in 6.8