Search and replace

The simple search

To open the search entry field, click on:

Menu Button ▸ Find…

The search and replace

To open the Find and Replace dialog, click on:

Menu Button ▸ Find and Replace…

Clear highlight

Usually, the text that you've searched for will remain highlighted in the document. To remove the highlight, click on:

Menu Button ▸ Clear Highlight


If you first select a portion of text in the document, and then start a simple search or open the Find and Replace dialog, the text you've selected will appear in the search entry.

Search options

The Find and Replace dialog presents the search options as check boxes.

For the simple search, click on the Magnifying Glass icon in the search entry field.

  • Select Match Case to make the search case sensitive.

  • Select Match Entire Word Only to search for a specific word without including fragments of other words.

    For example, if you searched for the word “and” with this option selected, the word “and” would be matched, but the words “sand” and “commander” would not be matched.

  • Select Wrap Around to continue at the other end of the document when going to the next or previous search result.

Using escape sequences

In a search or replace entry, you can use escape sequences with the following meanings:




Carriage return




Backslash. If you actually want a backslash and avoid one of the above special meanings, the backslash needs to be escaped.